As we are adjusting to this new world, it is so important to find ways we can socialise and get outside without causing harm. An outdoor community recreation area is an ideal way to represent this, making it feasible and accessible for everyone in your area.

Gaeilge: ‘Áis pobail ionchuimsitheach a cruthú chun caidreamh sóisialta a spreagadh’

English: ‘Create a fully inclusive community facility that encourages social interaction’

Our government have put a special emphasis on this, this year and so should you! With so many suppliers we can create a personalised space to contain only what is suitable to your community’s needs. Whether it be a sociable space that includes covered seating, a BBQ area or some game tables; or a stage for small performances, outdoor exercise equipment and teenage hang out spots, we can design and install your own unique oasis.

Stress levels are one of our biggest worries, for both young and older generations. Studies have shown that time in the outdoors can greatly reduce this, getting back to nature is a vital need for all. Often people think they don’t have time, and it can be pushed off until the weekend, only to have no time then either. An outdoor space, where people can socialise, relax, exercise and communicate with others is an incredible addition to any community. Have a look at some examples to get an idea of what this might look like in your area.

Gaeilge: ‘Cad iad na buntáistí a bhaineann ham a caitheamh taobh amuigh?

  • Ardú giúmair
  • Ardú ar fhéinmheas
  • Filleadh ar an nádúr
  • Aer úr
  • Feabhsú sláinte

English: ‘What are the benefits of getting outside?

  • Improved mood
  • Enhanced self esteem
  • Connecting with mother nature
  • Fresh air
  • Improves your health