Often when thinking about outdoor spaces and playgrounds, we neglect to remember the best generation of all!

Senior Citizens thrive to be as active as possible and it is our job to make that possible for them.

Here at Murphy Playgrounds, we have an extensive knowledge and range of equipment suitable for actively encouraging the older generations to get outside, socialise and keep fit and healthy.

Musical Play

Our supplier Percussion Play have done some studies and lots of research into the benefits of music for the elderly.

Outdoor musical instruments for the elderly such as those made by Percussion Play are designed to encourage people of all ages to participate in making music and to enjoy the health benefits that Hanser and other identify. By encouraging the elderly in particular to use rhythm instruments, music making doubles up as physiotherapy because outdoor musical instruments require the use of a cariety of different grips and hand positions in order to produce a sound. This means that when senior citizens play the instruments they are not only working to maintain the coordinationand balance, but improving their mobility and posture, increasing their energy levels, developing the use of their fine and gross motor skills, and perhaps even more importantly, they are having fun and livingin the moment!

Health benefits of music making for older adults:

  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Decreases heart rate
  • Reduces stress
  • Lessens anxiety and depression
  • Enhances immunological response, which enables us to fight viruses

Check out the full article here

Outdoor Exercise

Did you know that there are ranges of exercise equipment specifically designed for older adults?

Gaeilge: ‘Tá tusa san áireamh anseo chomh maith!’

English: ‘We have you covered for this too!’

This type of equipment is designed to be low impact to prevent injury and maintain and improve the range of motion in most of the body’s joints. Outdoor exercise equipment for older adults can be used to form a social space, to allow people to gather and chat and develop new and existing friendships.


Inclusion needs to be implemented in all aspects of your space, whether it be a community area or garden, recreational space, playground, nursing home or exercise habitat. Seating can often be overlooked although it is an important feature of any space.

Age friendly seating is something we are passionate about at Murphy Playgrounds.