Play is for everyone! And playgrounds should be for everyone, no matter their physical or mental abilities. Here at Murphy Playgrounds, we have everything you may need to make your playground fully and truly inclusive.

A lot of people believe they need to add extra equipment to their playground to cater for inclusivity or add different equipment to usual. We don’t agree with this, we believe that we can cater for everybody in your community easily.

We have swings, springers and multiplay units, play panels and musical equipment that will serve as an incredible addition to your playground.

Gaeilge: Ar smaoinigh tú ar uirlisí ceoil a thriail?

English: Have you thought about including musical instruments?

“Outdoor musical instruments in the playground provide a non-threatening and fun outlet for creative and emotional expression and through the medium of music many essential life skills can be learned. Music can have a profound effect on anyone, but the benefits of exposing a child with special needs to music can be huge.” Percussion Play