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At Murphy Playgrounds we don’t just build new playgrounds, we also help you to keep your existing playgrounds in the best possible condition through ongoing repairs or upgrade and refurbishment over time.

You worked hard to get your playground up and running, the last thing you want is to have it closed or equipment roped off while you wait for spare parts or repairs. Whether it’s from wear and tear or vandalism, you want to know your playground is safe to use and you want it fixed as quickly as possible.

We have the best repair, maintenance, and spare parts service of any playground company in Ireland; we carry out playground repairs every day, both emergency repairs and planned maintenance requests. We hold a substantial stock of spare parts in our warehouse and offer a 12-hour response to emergencies.

Close up of a repair

We know you’ll get complaints from parents and kids when your playground is closed, or a piece of play equipment can’t be used. We also know it can be hard to figure out what parts you need and how long you might wait on someone to arrive to fix a problem. At Murphy Playgrounds we believe playgrounds are there to be used and need to be kept open all the time. That is why we offer a fast and effective service to our customers. Playground Vandalism is upsetting to say the least. Your priority should be to make your playground safe. We can be on site within hours to clean up, close dangerous openings, segregate, or cordon off equipment and in many cases repair the damage to play equipment and surfacing. We deal with fire damaged play equipment regularly.

Most councils have bought playground equipment and MUGA’s from a number of different suppliers over the years meaning it’s hard to know who to call when there’s a problem. That is where we can help. We provide play equipment parts & repairs for all types of play equipment.

Our works schedule is prepared on a weekly basis with an allowance for emergency requirements so that there is always flexibility to respond to an urgent requirement. We keep detailed records of all work carried out.

We can arrange emergency repairs or send you a quote based on your latest annual inspection report or photos of repairs needed.

Did you know we undertake Playground Refurbishments too?

We refurbish playgrounds to bring old play equipment back to life as a low-cost alternative to a new playground.

Playgrounds can start to look a bit tired after a few years of heavy use. Wear and tear, graffiti or vandalism can leave equipment unattractive and un-useable.

A Playground Makeover gives old playgrounds a new lease of life and transforms dull, tired outdoor spaces into vibrant, fun filled play areas.

Our Makeover service includes a full Playground Audit, identifying

  • essential repairs to get equipment in full working order
  • the range of activities and abilities catered for in the playground and how to extend these
  • best value restoration and refurbishment options for equipment and surfacing
  • good value solutions to add colour, fun and vibrancy to the playground
  • a range of options to suit your budget
  • replacement of damaged and worn panels

We will clean surfaces to give a “new” playground for a fraction of the price.